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Contrafact, septet after Purcell

Work for Mixed Septet

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Contrafact, septet after Purcell.mp3New England Conservatory Contemporary Ensemble
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Contrafact, septet after Purcell, sometimes referred to as simply Contrafact, is the result of a number of odd coincidences and call for scores responses. Originally, this piece was written to the specifications of the St. Andrews New Music Ensemble call for scores for their "Responses" concert. The criteria was short but difficult: respond to the music of Stravinsky or Purcell using the Stravinsky Septet instrumentation or a subset ensemble. I responded to both composers simultaneously and threw in bebop to the equation. Using material from Fantasia No. 7 in C Minor for Four Viols by Purcell, each non-jazz instrument (the exception being the piano) winds its way through knotted baroque counterpoint set against itself in multiple keys with a fast swing rhythm buffeted by extended and extremely intricate piano solos. Each performer also has a chance to independently solo within the piece aided by the piano comping chords and the cello serving as a surrogate walking bass!

Performance History

Premiere: NEC Contemporary Ensemble Concert, NEC's Jordan Hall (April 9, 2018)


Clarinet in Bb

Horn in F






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