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Work for Orchestra

One Small Step

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One Small StepNEC Philharmonia; Tristan Rais-Sherman, conductor
00:00 / 10:32

Fifty years before this piece was written, mankind had achieved one of its defining moments: the United States of America landed on the Moon orbiting our planet Earth. I thought it best to commemorate this momentous achievement the only way I knew how: writing a piece of music. The piece tells of our desire to reach the moon and the hardships that we went through in order to achieve a short, solemn moment enjoyed by millions all around the world.


2 Flute in C (second doubling piccolo)

2 Oboe (second doubling English horn)

2 Clarinet in A

2 Bassoon (second doubling contrabassoon)

2 Horn in F


2 Percussion


Violin I

Violin II



Double Bass

Percussion List

1 Vibraphone

1 Crotales

1 Tam-Tam (Large)

1 Suspended Cymbal

1 Ratchet

1 Snare Drum

1 Temple Block (Small)

Performance History

Reading Session: New England Conservatory Philharmonia (December 6, 2019)

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