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Two Preludes

Work for Solo Piano

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Two Preludes was written for the Victor Rosenbaum Studio Recital Spring 2019 at New England Conservatory, titled The Prelude Premiere Project. As the title suggests, it consists of two contrasting preludes. The first, titled "Prelude on the C Acoustic Scale" is a Glass-like meditation on the pairs of chords that exist within the acoustic scale. Since the scale begins on C, the prelude uses C major, D major, E diminished, F-sharp diminished, G minor, A minor, and the loose B-flat augmented to create motion through mostly unrelated harmonies. The second prelude is a short off-kilter rag that takes time to coalesce, titled "Ragtime Prelude."

Performance History

Premiere: Rosebaum Studio Recital Spring 2019 "Prelude Premiere Project" (April 25, 2019), NEC Williams Hall

Performance: NEC 2019-2020 Tuesday Night New Music 4 (December 16, 2019), NEC Pierce Hall



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