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Five Color Preludes

Work for Piano

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Five Color Preludes: CompleteJacob Mason, piano
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Five Color Preludes is a set of moderately difficult to extremely difficult preludes for piano all based on the sensations one feels and associates with certain colors. The first prelude, Yellow, evokes an anxious happiness. Blue grounds us in a mournful but not completely melancholic tone. Pink is hyperactive and wide-ranging, the only mix of non-primary colors in the collection. Green has a sultry and seductive edge with a hint of the stereotypical envy. Red is full of energy and fire, nearing anger and aggression. The preludes can be performed as a complete set or as individual preludes; traditionally, they have been done as a set and can work as a complete multi-movement work.



Performance History

Premiere: Ian Wiese Senior Recital at Ithaca College Ford Hall - February 20, 2016

Performance: NEC Tuesday Night New Music 1 at NEC's Jordan Hall - September 20, 2016

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