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Scene from Rousseau: The Forest in Winter at Sunset

Work for Piano Trio

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Scene from Rousseau: The Forest iHenry Smith, violin; David Fenwick, cello; Duncan Krummel, piano
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Scene from Rousseau: The Forest in Winter at Sunset is directly inspired by the oil on canvas painting by French painter Theodore Rousseau that hangs in New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art. Taking its form by representing different sections of the painting (Ground, Trees, and Sun), the performers traverse a colorful landscape of microtones and extended techniques, such as strumming and plucking strings inside the piano with guitar plectrums and tapping low strings with the hand to create a wash of bass noise to freely playing a set of fixed pitches in any order. The piece can get intricate enough to the point all players read off score.

Ideally, in performance, the stage should be bathed in darkness illuminated only by stand lights while the painting the piece is based on is projected behind the performers. One can see what the painting looks like as the picture near the play button.





Performance History

Premiere: Ithaca College Composition Premieres III - November 9, 2015

Performance: Ian Wiese Senior Recital at Ithaca College Ford Hall - February 20, 2016

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