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Meno Mosso

Work for Pierrot Ensemble

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Meno MossoNEC Musicians; Ian Wiese, conductor
00:00 / 12:22

Meno Mosso is a study on the form of Steve Stuckey's Ad Parnassum. Following in the same ensemble, the piece emerges from an F augmented chord and meanders through short and gnarled melodic cells before falling back into the F augmented chord from the piano. From there, a twelve tone canon emerges before the ensemble breaks down as instruments speak over and cover one another. All of the voices retreat into a brief B-flat minor passage before building the twelve tone canon up again, repeating the process and ending on a quiet, low B-flat.

This piece's representative recording also showcases the composer's conducting abilities.

Performance History

Premiere: NEC/Hub New Music Pierrot Initiative Reading Session, NEC Brown Hall

Performance: NEC 2016-2017 Tuesday Night New Music 8, NEC Williams Hall



Clarinet in Bb/Bass Clarinet in Bb





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