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Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done

Work for Chamber Wind Ensemble

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Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done.mp3New England Conservatory Wind Ensemble; Charles Peltz, conductor
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Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done derives its title from The Lord's Prayer. The piece loosely tells the story of humanity coming under the word of God and taming itself from the vast expanses of the unknown. Starting with a nebulous cloud of pitches representing the vast expanses of the universe, humanity starts to find its voice amidst the chaos, speaking incoherently and drowning itself out in a sea of opinions and thoughts. Through the unending babbling, a tone row emerges from the bass voices, representing the word of God, who sways humanity to His word and tempers the unending expanse of the universe, giving something for humanity to know and comprehend. Humanity starts to echo His word before it quiets down and the vastness of the universe returns freed from the unceasing desire to opine. The universe ends the composition as quietly as it began.


1 Flute (dbl. piccolo)

1 Alto Flute

1 English Horn

2 Clarinet in Bb

2 Bass Clarinet in Bb

2 Alto Saxophone

1 Tenor Saxophone

1 Baritone Saxophone

2 Horn in F

1 Trumpet in C

1 Trombone

2 Percussion

1 Piano

1 Double Bass

Percussion List

1 Marimba

1 Vibraphone

1 Crotales, upper octave

2 Suspended Cymbals

1 Sizzle Cymbal

1 Gong (large)

1 Thunder Sheet

1 Rain Stick

1 Lion's Roar

Performance History

Reading Session: New England Conservatory Wind Ensemble (March 12, 2019)

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